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It’s a question as old as the lake herself. Every spring Nipissing visitors muse over the age-old question, “When do you think the ice will go out?”. Lake Nipissing is a BIG LAKE, with ice as thick as 30 inches in some winters, but we northerners never tire of watching for any indicative sign of spring.
To celebrate this time honored tradition, and to make things a little more interesting while we wait, Ferris the Place to Be is running an “ICE OUT” contest.
Enter to win in our Ice Off Contest for Lake Nipissing. We will be using the North Bay Nugget confirmation which they have been doing for 100 years.

    Contest Prizes

    1. Laporte’s Nursery…Adirondack Chair valued at $499.99 
    2. Back in the Bay Magazine…$175.00 advertisement in the summer Edition of Back in the Bay (transferrable to a charity of their choice or friend’s business)
    3. Eagle Tree Service…a 5-7ft Maple tree planting gift certificate to local residents 
    4. Gymtrix…$250 gift membership
    5. Varied Treasure…$50.00 gift Card
    6. Jeff and Tanis No Frills Grocery…$100 Gift Card
    7. Nipissing Reader…$100 Dinner Gift Card
    8. Terry’s Restaurant…Breakfast for Two Prize ONE
    9. Terry’s Restaurant…Lunch for Two Prize TWO
    10. Ferris Home Hardware…Gift Basket and Gift Certificate
    11. Hart Pet Store…$30 Gift Certificate
    12. World Gym…Duffle bag of Goodies
    13.  Metro…$50 Gift Card

    NOTE: Ferris Business Network Owners and Employees are not eligible to participate in the Contest.

    All entries for the winning day will be entered into a draw and prizes will be drawn until all prizes are given away to the entries submitted for that winning day.

    For rules click here.

    Contest entries must be submitted seven days prior to the official declaration of the ice off the lake. Enter early.

    By entering you are giving permission to permission to send you an email regarding this contest.